Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Progress and a bit of 'Bump and Grind'

JJ has really come along this Christmas. He has achieved the dizzying heights of crawling and is now pulling himself up on objects and on me. This is great but our laminate floor and hard stone tiles in the kitchen fill me with panic when he does so. So to the 'Bump' - inevitable at some point I know but it's heart-breaking. The thud has to be the worst noise in the world, followed closely by the screams. Poor little fella.
Now to the 'Grind'. I would love to attribute this to one thing in particular, which is far too infrequent in my life at the moment, but sadly I can't. It's teeth grinding. The third most horrible sound your little one can make, sends shivers down my spine. He seems to enjoy it though judging by the giggles and grins as he does it!

Oh, and we've had the first delights of a stomach bug....which I caught as well. Lovely is all I can say.


  1. Get some arnica cream for the bumps - we've made it special cream for Toddlergirl which seems to help her get over it

  2. What a great idea, used the tablets post birth and really helped. Will get some asap, thanks!