Friday, 8 January 2010

I know it's a bit early but...

Ok, so we've just come out of the Christmas thing but I've got to explain the Christmas stockings for any of you getting a flyer on for next Christmas!

I'm going to do a really short list:
- Browse the internet for pictures of felt stocking designs (make sure you enter 'felt' and 'Christmas' to ensure you don't get some dodgy pictures!)
- Decide on a design
- Sketch the design on paper and photocopy to alter sizes
- Draw out a life-size stocking on paper, including a 'cuff' (see photo)
- Buy some coloured felt, ensuring you have enough for both sides of the stocking
- Cut out patterns. Pin them on to stocking felt and cut. Pin on to design colours and cut. *make sure you have sharp scissors for this, dressmakers are best, not your kitchen ones!*
- I usually create the design on the stocking first using all purpose glue, although I did also stitch around some of them and embroider them with sparkly thread and beads (for the holly berries).
- Cut out cuffs (white)
- Stick some ribbon on to the front cuff
- Pin and sew top of cuff onto top inside of front stocking and other cuff piece (without ribbon) onto top of back stocking. You want to be able to then fold them down over the stockings so ribbons show on front.
- Pin together the stocking inside out, making sure you go through the cuff material too.
- Sew using tough thread. Keep the stitches close together or use a machine so stockings are sturdy when turned right way round.
- Turn right way round.
- Add a loop of ribbon to the hanging side of the stocking - sew on the inside, close to the join.
- I added some jingly bells too, but I can now appreciate this is difficult when quietly trying to place the stockings a-la-father-christmas!!!!!

I hope this makes sense. Believe me, when you get going you will get the jist and do what suits you.
Photos please!


  1. Hi Mrs A. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I love those stockings. Quite excited about the thought of making them although it will actually take me a year as I'm rubbish at things like that!

  2. Those are lovely !

    Hope they are well received next Christmas !

  3. Good luck to you both, I think a year is just enough time!