Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Year Blues

I don't mean to put a downer on anyone else's new year, but I always do feel apprehensive at this time of year, partly because there is so little light, short days, thoughts of eating less and cutting down on the booze, and a whole year stretching ahead of you....

Such a lot happenned last year, primarily the fact that M and I became parents, of course! Our lives have changed so much, for the better (although it doesn't always seem like it at times - I'm thinking of all those sleepless nights I'm STILL having!).

I guess one thing that is looming large on the horizon is going back to work, booooooooo. I have blanked this out until Christmas/New Year was over because otherwise I know it would have eaten into the merry-making. I'm sure it will be absolutely fine, plus I'm only going back 2 days a week (3 for a short time to help out) and with much reduced responsibility; my decision I might add. But still, it doesn't fill me with Joy.

Apart from that we're fine! Had a hectic but good Christmas (survived the Mother) and New Year. Because of the recent snow I don't quite feel settled back into the ususal routine, also M only went back to work today so we really have been having a very long weekend!

Hope you're all well. Finally I've got myself in gear to update my blog!


  1. I know what you mean - I try and make an effort to do more fun things in January to make up for the whole dark days and post festive misery (and its my birthday month too)

    Hope your January isn't too bad

  2. No, the snow has brightened up things a little!