Monday, 26 April 2010


I've got to that stage in my life, probably because I am now a mum and have someone else to worry about, that I am starting to think about my own longevity. I am seriously turning into a paranoid person. I never used to worry about small ailments, but now I am questioning every little pain, sore throat, skin complaint etc. Could it be something serious, should I go to the doctor and get it checked out, why do I constantly seem to have a cold or sinus problem, do I need to see an ENT specialist?

I know what having children means you are constantly fighting off one cold or another but this one seems ot be going on forever. I have a really sore throat at the moment and am concerned it is more sinister. Is that swollen side of my throat something cancerous? I an known to like a glass of wine in the evening (controversial I know) and the very occassional cig, so I do worry about these things. Adding to the knowledge that my Dad died of cancer I definitely worry.

I don't think there's an answer to this. DO other people worry more now they're mothers?
Oh yes, and a double whammy on the blogging front today ;~)

What happenned to my Blog???

I am totally ashamed of myself (for many reasons, too many to go into detail here!):
Why haven't I managed to juggle going back to work and keeping up my blog?

It's like when you don't call a friend for a while, then it gets too long and you fell you can't phone them because it has been too long, then you feel ashamed, but you still can't phone them. Then one day you pluck up the courage and phone them and realise there was no problem in the first place and nothing has changed between you.

SO, HELLO BLOG. I am now a fully fledged part-time work-and-mother juggler (since end of Feb actually). 3 days at work, 4 days at home. Seems to be going well in terms of the childcare. If you remember a past blog about the worries of my Mother, then rest assured things are actually going pretty well. I have recently upped my hours by 1 day (short term) so Mother has him for another day a week and the childminder just one day still. All well. I'm the problem....

What happenned to my career-orientated self and my motivation? Did they pass out with the placenta? Answers on a postcard please.....